Zeke's Boatyard

Five years after a major repaint in Cairns, the rust on the decks was getting worse.  This despite the fact I had ground down, primed and painted these spots for the past few years.  We decided to get Meridian cleaned up in Cebu.  We had heard good reports about work there, even if the conditions were a bit primitive.  We are in Zeke's boatyard, otherwise know as Pinoy Boat Services.

There is a haulout cradle which can accommodate yachts up to about 45 ft, but it has to be a big tide to be able to get into it.  And of course, waiting at least a month for another big tide to get off.  As a result, most work is done with the boats in the water.  Antifouling can be done with the boat tied up against a wall.  Blasting is done one day, antifouling the next on the low tides.

Because we were dissatisfied by the previous job (which was sandblasted in a shed) we wanted it sandblasted again, removing all traces of rust before priming and painting. We had two boys removing or covering deck fittings for a week.  The neighbouring shipyard is to do the blasting, quoting P46/sq.ft.  We assumed that the blaster would remove the existing paint and non-skid but he informed us that it would take too long to remove it all.  We therefore had to get the boys to chip and scrape it off.  So far it has taken 4 boys 4 days.

After the blasting and priming, we will have all the woodwork below sanded and revarnished, the settee cushion covers removed and drycleaned, new davits made, a cover for the dinghy, etc, etc.  It's a boat!

We are tied up against a big steel boat that is being rebuilt.


After the priming we will be moved over to the other side for painting.