New Year was spent at Lavender Bay, watching the spectacular fireworks with Wal and Robyn aboard.

Christmas was spent at Meredith and George's house.

16th December 2001. Our first grandchild was born!!   Meredith and George have a daughter Claire Rose, born at 15:31 weighing 6lb 6oz (2.895 kg) and 49 cm long.

14th December 2001. Our southward trip ended as we entered Sydney Harbour.  We anchored in Blackwattle Bay then moved to Rozelle Bay around the corner.

19th October 2001. We have gone as far north as time allows this year, so we are now heading south for Sydney.

30th August 2001Finally, we left Mooloolaba after eight months.  Read about our travels here.

We came to Mooloolaba for the summer 2000-01, to escape the Cyclone season and heat of the northern areas.  While there we had some work done on the boat to make it a bit more comfortable and useable. It turned out that the work took longer than planned (surprise!) so we were there for autumn and winter too.  This work included a new hard dodger (wheelhouse), new headsail, remodelled bathroom, increased storage all over, and a new dinette table that converts to a double bunk.  Some new hatches have given us some much needed ventilation.

28th July 2001. A very sad day for us as we put Liani, our 12 year-old Siamese cat to sleep.  She was diagnosed with diabetes 6 weeks previously, but it turned out to be pancreatic cancer.  We gave her lots of love and attention during those six weeks, but the time came when we knew that she would start to suffer.

July 2001.  Well we now have a new Web site at ihug.com.au after One.Net crashed and burned.  Some of the pages have been reduced and some pictures have been deleted. 

2nd May 2001.  Well its been a while ... been just *so* busy!  A quick summary of our activities from December (when we arrived here in Mooloolaba) till now, including our trip to New Zealand is here.