Scripts for the ICOM IC-7300

NOTE: I no longer have a 7200 but believe these commands will work with the 7200 if the address is changed from 0x94 to 0x76.

These all live in $HOME/bin and assume the 7300 is on /dev/ttyUSB0. Check your setup!


The scripts are:

Scripts for SCAN

Scripts for QSY

Scripts for Rig Control

Using scripts with Windows 10


This will turn the rig on, start flrig and set up the 7300 power and modulation levels for about 25W out.


#! /bin/bash

if [ "`pidof flrig`" = "" ]


echo "Need flrig running "

echo "Starting now ..."

/usr/local/bin/flrig &

#exit 0

sleep 10


if [ "`pidof js8call`" != "" ]


echo "js8call already running "

exit 0


$HOME/bin/txcvr ON

#$HOME/bin/ power on

$HOME/bin/ 60 30

#$HOME/bin/ rfpower 60 modlevel 30

$HOME/bin/datamod USB

#$HOME/bin/ conndataon USB agc fast tuner auto

sleep 2

##$HOME/bin/agc FAST

#sleep 2


#sleep 2

#$HOME/bin/ atu tuning

sleep 2


#On exit from JS8Call

$HOME/bin/ 100 50

#$HOME/bin/ rfpower 100 modlevel 50

$HOME/bin/agc SLOW

#$HOME/bin/ agc slow

#$HOME/bin/ conndataon ACC