Colleen & Derek

Derek, Colleen, Jackie and Pipi

I first met Colleen when she was employed as a temp at the NSW Coal Compensation Board in 1987.  She and Derek were living on Sydney Harbour in their 34' yacht Tarraleah.  We became good friends, sailing and visiting with them.   One of our most memorable days was spent on the Harbour with them (and 10,000 more boats) on 26th January 1988, Bicentenary Day.  We then formed our long-term goal - to live aboard a yacht. 

This started a few processes -  learning to sail, buying our first boat 'Festivity', and joining the Palm Beach Yacht Club.

Colleen gave birth to Jacqueline at Royal North Shore Hospital in 1990 while Tarraleah was moored in Berrys Bay.  Soon after, they sold Tarraleah and moved back to Colleen's home in Launceston.  They then bought a derelict cray fishing boat and spent the next 8 years rebuilding her.  Originally named 'Florence D', she is now called 'Wyena'.  We visited them in Launceston during this time, around 1995.

In 2000, she was ready to head north.  We were delighted to meet up with them again in Sydney in February, and again in Southport in May when we went to look at Wynsong (Meridian's former name).  We stayed with them on Wyena for a week while surveys were arranged.

The next meeting was in Shute Harbour in October 2000 on our first trip north in 'Meridian'.  We spent about 6 weeks in the Whitsundays with them at various locations.  When we returned to Mooloolaba, they remained in Shute Harbour where Derek had found some work.

Our next meeting in October 2001 was in the Low Isles, when we had Larry & Alison with us.  We were heading from Michaelmas Cay to Port Douglas when Colleen sent us an SMS message that they were heading south from Cooktown (having been at Lizard Is).  They could be at the Low Isles that night, so we rapidly changed course to meet them.

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We only had a few days with them there, as we had to start moving south.  We wanted to get to Sydney by early-mid December and it was now late October.

We got to Sydney on 14th December,  Claire, our first grandchild, was born on the 16th.  We stayed in the Harbour until Judy's birthday (1st Feb) when we went back to Pittwater for a party kindly given by Larry & Alison.  Wyena was on her way south but got  a bit delayed in Bundaberg with southerly winds.  They finally made it into Pittwater a week later after a 54 hour trip direct from Southport.  A lazy week was spent moored outside Larry and Alison's house, with a few meals taken with them.  We also enjoyed a bush walk through the National Park behind their house.

An interesting day out was spent at the Power House Museum, followed by lunch in Chinatown and a walk through Darling Harbour.


Finally on 10th March 2001, after 2 weeks on the Harbour, they left for Hobart.  Jackie was about to start High School and was looking forward to being with her friends.  When would we see then next??


Well it was in March 2003 in Hobart on our trip south.  We tied up next to them in Prince of Wales Bay for a few weeks.  During this time they took us shopping and sight-seeing, as well as lending us their car. 


                                                        With Peter Munckton

We saw them again when we visited Tassie for the Wooden Boat Show in 2005, and again in January 2009.

Jacquie is now attending Hobart Uni, the Goodwins don't go be cruising now, they bush walk instead.