Anthony and Sandra

We first met Anthony and Sandra when we joined the Palm Beach Yacht Club in 1993.  We took part in the famous PBYC Christmas Cruise to Port Stephens, the first time off-shore for us.  It turned out to be a memorable trip for the wrong reasons; a gale off Newcastle had many people sick, and us in our little 25' Top Hat "Festivity" more than a little worried.

Everyone recovered from that trip, but it forged many long friendships that continue to this day.  Anthony and Sandra owned "Sundance", an S & S 39 which they kept in Pittwater. After finally getting away from Sydney and cruising up the Queensland coast, they decided that Sundance was not the best vessel for this pursuit, so she was sold. 

They now own "Errol Flynn", a Cav 37.  This is one of several boats that they have owned over many years.

Balmain Cove overlooks the Harbour and Goat Island.  From their balcony Anthony and Sandra can watch the racing fleets round this natural mark.  We have too, when we have visited or even resided there on occasion.  We call it the "Balmain Hilton", such is the magnificence of their apartment.

For a while they enjoyed motorcycling on a big BMW, but that was sold and they now rely on leg-power to cycle around the harbour.