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Claire was born at 15:31 on Sunday 16th December at King George V Hospital, Camperdown.  She weighed 2.895kg or 6lb 6oz in the old money.  Length was 49cm, head circumference 33.5cm.  

Because of space restrictions, I have put all of my digital photos of Claire at Yahoo's photo site prodenhuis - have a look!

Her First Birthday was a major event! So was her Second.  Her third birthday party was a Shrek party.

Photos for 2005


Here are some photos taken in the first 12  months.

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Claire's first bath     Proud Mum  Meredith    Extremely proud Dad 

                                                                George giving Clair her bath

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                     Nanna Jude        Granddad Paul    New Nonna and Nonno

                                                                Rose & Charlie

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January 2002

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February 2002

The Christening - St Martin in the Fields, Terrey Hills  14th April 2002

Claire was christened with cousin Kyle.  Her Godparents were Alda and Fiona.

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                             Her entire family  Great Grandma       

                         on Meredith's side  80 years old       


These were in May ...

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and these were June and July


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"Swimming" Lessons, Leichhardt Pool


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Pre-crawling, with Jessie


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Granddad Paul's Birthday 14th July '02


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Fathers Day 1st Sept '02


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With Great-Grandma