Travels in 'Meridian of Sydney'

I will try to keep these chronicles in manageable chunks, with some digital photos as appropriate.

Part 1 is Southport - Mackay which took from early August to late September 2000.  This was essentially the 'shakedown and catchup phase'.

Part 2 covers Mackay-Whitsundays when we started to relax and enjoy ourselves during October and November 2000.

Part 3 covers the period travelling south again from the Whitsundays-Mooloolaba during November and December 2000.

Part 4 covers our departure from Mooloolaba in August 2001 (finally!) North_2001 to Port Douglas.

Part 5 is South_2001 from Port Douglas (October 19 2001) to Sydney


Part 6 is from Sydney - Hobart (Feb - May 2003)

Part 7 is coming back from Hobart - Sydney in May 2003

Part 8 covers the trip north from Sydney to Townsville (July- Aug 2003).

Part 9 is our delayed trip to the Louisiades from Townsville

Part 10 is our recently completed trip to New Caledonia and Vanuatu (June - Oct 2004)

Part 11 is our eventful trip to Vanuatu via Lord Howe island and New Caledonia (June - Oct 2006)

Part 12 is our VERY eventful trip to the Solomon Islands (Oct 2006 - )

Part 13 is the story of our new mast arriving during the earthquake!

Part 14 covers a difficult time in the Louisiades June-July 2007

Part 15 details our return to Cairns and major work

Part 16 tells of our trip down to Brisbane from Cairns Feb-Dec 2008

Part 17 covers our return to Cairns and preparations for the Darwin to Indonesia Rally

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Queensland - Darwin 2009

Indonesia Rally 2009


Malaysia West Coast 2009-10

Malaysia East Coast and Borneo

Malaysia West Coast (again) and Thailand

From Borneo in 2013 we went north to the Philippines, staying at Puerto Galera, then Subic Bay.

More details when I find time to write them up from the logs and photo records.

In 2014 we went further north to Taiwan, then Japan.  There we ended our cruising life due to medical concerns.  We had Meridian brought back to Australia by a crew.

We then moved to Bathurst to be near our son Ian and his family.  At first we rented while getting Meridian ready for sale. This involved a new engine which had been destroyed on the return voyage.

After she was sold, we then bought a house in Kelso.

Photos of these voyages are at Flickr and on Google Photos when I get them organised. If you want to see them,


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