Travels in 'Meridian of Sydney'

I will try to keep these chronicles in manageable chunks, with some digital photos as appropriate.

Part 1 is Southport - Mackay which took from early August to late September 2000.  This was essentially the 'shakedown and catchup phase'.

Part 2 covers Mackay-Whitsundays when we started to relax and enjoy ourselves during October and November 2000.

Part 3 covers the period travelling south again from the Whitsundays-Mooloolaba during November and December 2000.

Part 4 covers our departure from Mooloolaba in August 2001 (finally!) North_2001 to Port Douglas.

Part 5 is South_2001 from Port Douglas (October 19 2001) to Sydney


Part 6 is from Sydney - Hobart (Feb - May 2003)

Part 7 is coming back from Hobart - Sydney in May 2003

Part 8 covers the trip north from Sydney to Townsville (July- Aug 2003).

Part 9 is our delayed trip to the Louisiades from Townsville

Part 10 is our recently completed trip to New Caledonia and Vanuatu (June - Oct 2004)

Part 11 is our eventful trip to Vanuatu via Lord Howe island and New Caledonia (June - Oct 2006)

Part 12 is our VERY eventful trip to the Solomon Islands (Oct 2006 - )

Part 13 is the story of our new mast arriving during the earthquake!

Part 14 covers a difficult time in the Louisiades June-July 2007

Part 15 details our return to Cairns and major work

Part 16 tells of our trip down to Brisbane from Cairns Feb-Dec 2008

Part 17 covers our return to Cairns and preparations for the Darwin to Indonesia Rally

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Queensland - Darwin 2009

Indonesia Rally 2009

Malaysia West Coast 2009,10

Malaysia East Coast and Borneo


Photos of these voyages are at Flickr.


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