Travels in Meridian of Sydney

After buying Meridian we decided to get our feet wet (so to speak) by travelling up and down the Queensland coast for a while, learning as we went.  These travels are divided into various sections: East Coast for the first 3 years during which we went as far north as Cairns and as far south as the D'Entrecasteau Channel, Tasmania.    After that experience, we decided to head off-shore to the closest foreign destination, the Louisiades Archipelago in PNG.  In fact, in 2003 we went from Sydney to Tasmania, back to Sydney, on to Townsville, out to the Louisiades and back to the Whitsundays.  That was a total distance of  more than 4,500 NM, and the first of our Pacific adventures.

Having done that for a few years, including New Caledonia and Vanuatu twice and the Solomons and Louisiades again, we were convinced that we should do the Sail Indonesia Rally by Wal and Robyn on Annwn.  They had done the Rally in 2006 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We left Darwin in July 2009 with about another 130 boats, including cruising friends Greg and Janise on Windchimes, and Peter and Donna on "Two Up".  The chronicles continue in Points North which starts in Cairns.  First challenge was Indonesia, followed by Malaysia and then East Coast and Borneo.

In August 2010 we flew to France for a canal cruise with Alison and Peter followed by some fast touring.


From October to December 2010 we assisted in the delivery of the catamaran "Truest Passion" back to Mooloolaba.  Not the best boat for such a voyage.  We got off at Bundaberg to stay with Wal and Robbie.  In February 2011 Greg Neilsen from"Windchimes" helped me bring Meridian from Miri back to Langkawi, a journey of around 1200NM which we completed in 22 days.  Judy had surgery in Miri and was unable to travel, so she flew to Kuah, Langkawi where she stayed with friends Andre and Naidene.

After getting things organised, we headed north with Windchimes as our guide to the cruising grounds of Phuket, Thailand.  After exploring the anchorages of Phang Gna Bay, we returned to Yacht Haven for some work to be done on Meridian.

After that we returned to Rebak Resort in Langkawi.  In August we flew to Holland to join Alison and Peter for more canal cruising.

2012 was time to return to Borneo for the Rainforest World Music Festival.  This time we were accompanied by Windchimes and Two up.  After a stop in Miri and haulout in Kudat we were on our way to the Philippines.


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Photos of these voyages are at Flickr.

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