Hong Kong


HKG is only a bit over two hours from Cebu and not too expensive to fly to.   We stayed in a very basic hotel near Mactan Airport for a 6:30 am departure.  Mactan Airport is very basic but scheduled for a major upgrade.

We had been given good advice about transport in HKG.  Get an Octopus card (at the airport) which can be used for lots of things apart from transport.  As Seniors, we got discounted fares as well.

We had chosen the City Garden Hotel, out at Northpoint.  It was a very pleasant 4-star hotel, quite close to buses, trams and MRT. Of course we did the usual sight-seeing things - The Peak (in the rain), Zoo, Shim Sha Tsui, the Nunnery and Gardens.

Naturally the one thing we all want to do in HKG is shopping!  As it happened, I had a rather unfortunate accident the week before and dropped both laptop and tablet in the drink.  So, replacement units were on the shopping list.  These were eventually bought, but lots of to-ing and fro-ing between the major Cyber centres.

One of the highlights was meeting up with our friend Jeya Shanth who worked with me in Sydney, long ago.  She is now a major IT person in Cathay Pacific.  Jeya introduced us to the best yum cha restaurant at the City Hall.

Another day was spent out at Aberdeen, looking in the small chandlery stores before having a late lunch in the Jumbo floating restaurant.

Our departure was via Airport Express bus just up the road from the hotel.  We had a minor delay at the checkin counter as staff checked our Immigration letter with their supervisor.  It was eventually passed and we were on our way.